Completion Tracking (Activity Checkboxes & Progress Bar)

You can now enable a feature that allows students to check off work as they complete it in Moodle. This may appeal as a way for students to visually track progress from the main page of a course as well as give them Continue reading

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Gradebook: Entering Grades within the Gradebook

If you are using assignments (How to grade an assignment), quizzes (How to grade a quiz), forums or other gradable items they have their own built-in grading tools that will be overridden by entering grades for them directly into the Continue reading

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The Gradebook in Moodle

Gradebooks in Moodle are a very powerful tool but they can be confusing to set up or otherwise mold to your needs. The key is that whatever your Moodle gradebook does, it needs to match your syllabus.       

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Moodle: Twitter Feed Block

Part 1: Create a Twitter Widget If you already happen to have a twitter widget that meets your needs you don’t need to make a new one (skip to Part 2), you can use the code of an existing one in Continue reading

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The Quiz Activity

Quizzes are one of the more unusual activities in Moodle and have some added depth of functionality which makes them seem a bit more complicated. They take a while to set up but are often very low maintenance afterwards as Continue reading

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Rubrics in Moodle

Rubrics in Moodle 2.9 provide instructors with criteria-based assessment forms that can be used to grade student work more consistently, quickly, and transparently.  The tool allows instructors to create their own rubrics from scratch or use an existing rubric that Continue reading

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Manually Enrolling Users into a Course in Moodle

Typically students are automatically enrolled in any Moodle course(s) for which they have registered… but, occasionally, it is necessary to manually enroll a student or instructor. Once you’ve determined that manually enrolling a user is your best option, here is Continue reading

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The Attendance Activity

Setting up the attendance activity can be a bit of work but once done using it to take attendance can save a lot of time. It’s not perfect for all situations and needs to be setup at the start of Continue reading

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