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How-To Add the Quickmail Block

Student communication is important. Sometimes you may want to email the entire course or select students at the same time. You can use Microsoft Outlook to do this, but you may find it easier to use the Quickmail Block in Moodle.

The Quickmail Block will allow you to compose these emails quickly and easily in the Moodle system, but it will appear that the email is coming directly from your email account and students can reply to the email that they receive.

Refer to the Communications Comparison Chart to determine which option will work best for your needs.

Enter your course and turn Edit mode on.

Turn Editing On button is found in the top-right corner of a Moodle page you have permission to modify content for.

Click the tab on the right side of the course page to open the Block drawer.

Click Add a Block at the top of the expanded Block drawer

From the Add a block menu select Quickmail.

Before you send your first course message we recommend you set up My Signatures and the Quickmail Configuration.

Now you are ready to Compose your first Course Message.