Make a Folder and Save your Homework

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Making a Folder on your desktop:

Right click somewhere empty on either your desktop or within a chosen folder or drive.

Hover your mouse over New (You don’t need to click but if you don’t get an option you certainly may click on it.)

Click Folder.

In the highlighted area, type the name for the folder. (The name would be the title of the course you’re taking.)

When you have entered the whole of the folder name press the Enter Key.

You now have a folder on your desktop. Save all of your assignments for this course in this folder.

NOTE: If you’re taking more than one course, make a separate folder for each course. Saving your homework in the folder Inside the folders you’ve created, you will store your completed homework documents.

Here are some tips about saving your files so that you will be able to find your homework when it’s time to turn it in.

  • What drive will you put it on? You can save files anywhere on your computer, such as your USB drive, the hard drive inside the computer (your desktop, for example) or on a remote location on a server. When you save a document, you need to tell the computer which drive to use.
  • What folder will you put it in? Once you’ve chosen the drive, you need to select the folder. You can put your document in any folder, but we recommend having a folder for each course you’re taking, and putting your document in the folder related to that course.
  • What is the name of the document? Your document name should include information that will help you identify which assignment it is. (Example: Week One Assignment.)