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This site is a repository of overviews which include comparisons, step-by-step instructions, and links to outside sources for use of Moodle and other educational technology tools that OLET supports or helps support.

It has been designed with compatibility in mind for as many devices as possible (i.e., mobile devices, small screens, printers, screen readers). This knowledge base may be used from  from either a technical or pedagogical lens while searching content.

I’m here to get help

You can find out more about specific topics through the following methods:

Use the above tabs (next to this Welcome tab) to see some of the ways you can more easily move around this repository of resources and better understand how to get the most out of this knowledge base.

To see some suggested places to start looking for information on this knowledge base click the above Starting Points tab.

NOTE: On a smaller screen or mobile device these tabs may instead appear as an expandable accordion that you can click the titles of to see the contents therein.

Depending on what you’re after there are multiple options you have to get started in finding the help you need within this knowledge base:

Find Pedagogical Goals and FAQ on the Home Page

On the Home page of our Knowledge base site we’ve organized our most commonly asked questions into eight (8) colorful cards representing Welcome to Moodle (to help you get started with CCC’s LMS) and the 7 Principles of Good Practice in Education to help you quickly find the resources you need to accomplish your goals.

  • Clicking on the title in the colorful heading  of a card will list all articles that are related to the principle.
  • Clicking on the links listed below show only our most commonly requested articles related to the principle.

Find what a specific tool can do with Overview Articles

There is also an Overview Articles section on the left side of the page with all of our introductory articles, ideal if you know what tool you need but not exactly how to use it.

NOTES: This page is also an Overview article so it covers more general information about a topic and snippets of information organized under different tabs.

This type of article don’t (usually) have specific how-to instructions built into them, but are meant to help guide you to articles about a specific task that better meets your needs.

Find specific articles with Search our Knowledge Base

Ideal if you know exactly what you’re looking for; use the Search our Knowledge Base search bar at the top of every page to look for key words and hit Enter/Return on your keyboard to submit your request.

A list of results from across our entire knowledge base should appear listed below for you to choose from without leaving the current page you’re on.

Know what you’re after? Explore by Tag

Content is tagged for both technical terminology as well as how the 7 Principles of Good Practice in Education can be applied with campus technologies, digital or otherwise.

Our most popular tags are listed in the Navy footer area at the bottom of each page.

If the article you’re reviewing isn’t quite what you’re after we’ve tried to make it easy to find relevant articles based on levels of specificity through a few options:

Get more specific results with View Related Articles

At the bottom of most articles there is an expand/collapse section with more instructions for a given topic. These are articles for more specific tasks related to the related article. Simply click the View Related Articles link (when present) to see the list of articles.

Example: on our The Forum Activity (Discussions) article you’ll find more specific Forum-related articles such as  how to create a forum,  using  a special kind of forum called Q and A and more.

Get less specific results with Breadcrumbs

Like Hansel and Gretel following their breadcrumb trail home you can use Breadcrumbs to return to the Home page of this knowledge base or any of the broader pages in between.

Get a list of topically similar results with Related Tags

Below each article is a list of Related Tags that we’ve assigned to this article to let you know it’s about these broader topics such as Forum Activity and Entering Grades.  You can click on any tag to see a list of related articles.

NOTE: Some special tags (such as the 7 Principles: Encourage Active Learning) will also load a little icon at the top of an article to help you quickly find other ways to accomplish that same goal without limiting yourself by tool.

Get a similar result from the Previous and  Next navigation buttons

Previous and Next results are similar to tags as they will bring you to similar articles on the topic at hand but they’re useful for a more organic exploration of all the things a given tool or topic can do.

You won’t see these on all articles but if you do see them you can simply hover over them to see the title of the article they lead to.

View Related Articles
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