File Resource: Add a Small Website to Moodle

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Ideal for webpages constructed by Dreamweaver or other small websites consisting of multiple .html pages, images and/or other resources that are not needed outside of Moodle.

Not ideal for items that need regular upkeep but good for quick uploads of preexisting data.

  1. Turn Editing on in Moodle
  2. Open up File folder with files you want to add
  3. Select All items
  4. Right click and hover click Send to > Compressed File
  5. Drag the .zip folder into Moodle
  6. Select File Resource from popup that appears
  7. Wait for item to finish uploading
  8. Click Edit menu for Zip file and Select Edit Settings
  9. Scroll down the page to the listed files
  10. Click on single zip file
  11. Click unzip button
  12. Click on original .zip file
  13. Delete original .zip file
  14. Click on index.htm(l) file
  15. Click Set main file button
  16. Click Update button
  17. Expand the Appearance section
  18. Set Display to New Window