Assignment Grading: One Submission at a Time

If you want to grade assignment activity work in bulk (after everything has been submitted) or offline (ideal for grading while traveling or otherwise with network difficulties ahead) see our article on Grading Assignment Activities in Bulk/Offline.

Navigate to the course you have grading to do in

Locate the Assignment in question and click into it.

Under the Grading summary section you can tell you need to grade some items by a positive number being applied to Needs Grading.

Click on View/grade all submissions link.

OPTIONAL: Set a filter:
Under the Change User menu are three options:

  • Not submitted: Ideal for quick-grading no-shows with zeros (0)
  • Submitted: This will display students who made a submission- regardless of weather you have already graded it. This does not include drafts.
  • Requires grading: Will only display students who have made a submission that has not been graded. This does not include drafts.
    NOTE: This is ideal for detecting those who have resubmitted an assignment after you have graded their first submission!
  • You can also just make sure NONE are checked (default) to not filter the results at all and show everyone, regardless of where they stand.

Review the student’s submission:

  • Click the link for File Submission to view/Download a student’s submission.
  • Use the PDF editor (that automatically converts most files into PDF and displays them for your in-line editing)

OPTIONAL: If this view is too narrow you can toggle which pane dominates the screen on a desktop or laptop.

On a smaller screen the content will appear with the PDF editor at the top of the page and the submission information pane listed directly below it.

If the item is worth a grade, enter a grade in the Grade out of … text box.

If you mark down for late work and have Due Dates set in the Assignment Settings there will be notes about the time the work was submitted by the student.

If you wish you provide feedback (and you have it enabled) you can:

  • upload a file to Feedback files (if enabled)
  • Provide feedback in the Feedback comments (if enabled) to provide not only written feedback but also allows you to record video or audio feedback embedded in this message.
  • add inline comments, marks, stamps, shapes and more via the PDF editing interface.

If you do NOT want a student to receive an email about changes to their grade, change the value of Notify students to No

When satisfied, click the Save changes button.

A pop up window should confirm the changes have been saved.

Click the Ok button.

Move onto the next student that needs grading (remember to filter if so inclined!) via the Change user drop-down OR arrows or return to your course if done.