Attendance: Grade Value per Session/Class

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If you want to tweak what status you can grant students each session you want to change the settings.

Enter the Attendance activity.

Click into the Status set tab to set what possible grades each student can get per attendance session.

This page is where we set what values can be given for each session to each student.

You can use or adjust the default values of PLEA:

  • Present: The item with the most points is the maximum possible points earn-able for a given session.
  • Late and excused: worth half-credit for a session.
  • Absent will earn no points.

You are welcome to add or remove sessions on this page, change how things are graded (maybe increase Present to 5 points, Excused to 3 points and Late to 2 points for a bigger ratio.) No matter the values presented they will be resized into proportional values based on the number of sessions before being placed in the gradebook.

When content with the settings click the Update button to save your changes.