Embedding Videos in Moodle

When possible it’s best to keep students in Moodle to allow them to return to course content easily. Embedding videos in your course instead of sharing links is the best way to do this with Video multimedia that is not stored in Kaltura. If you made the video yourself or if it is a YouTube video consider uploading the video to Kaltura.

Many video hosting services offer Embed codes- this is HTML code that you can paste into a webpage. This code can be added to added to most Moodle Activities and Resources using the ATTO (Text Editor).

Find the video’s embed code and copy the text.

NOTE: Typically, when looking at the video webpage there will be a Share button or link that contains the embed code.

Turn Edit mode on.

Click the edit menu (three vertical dots) to the right of the activity or resource you would like to add the video to.

Select the Edit settings option from the drop-down menu.

Turn Editing On button is found in the top-right corner of a Moodle page you have permission to modify content for.

Click the HTML (</>) button in the text editor to view the html code for the textbox.

If you’re adding a video to existing content:

We suggest you paste the embed code at the very top or very bottom unless you’re very comfortable with HTML.


If you’re adding a video to an empty textbox:

Replace the default code with the embed code.

Click the HTML (</>) button to preview and ensure the embedded video functions.

Click the Save and display button.