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Enrollments in Moodle is a wide and varied topic that spans a couple of different tools and terminologies and is dependent on a few systems across campus.

Adding a New Enrollment

With the Moodle teacher role, you can give other people access to your Moodle content as long as they have a or email.

NOTE: If they don’t have a Clackamas account, you will need to have them contact Enrollment Services. For special cases, like audits and outside instructors, submit a ticket to OLET via Online Learning/Moodle Support with their name, email address, and the course(s) where they need access.

Depending on what they need to access, you’ll select on a role (student information, grades, the ability to make changes to content) and then manually enroll them in your Moodle course.

You can also automatically combine multiple course enrollments such as to create a shared repository course or emulate a cross-listed course into a single Moodle course by creating a Meta-Course Enrollment method or even let students decide if they want optional Moodle course access and allow students to enroll and unenroll themselves and even break your students into groups for some activities within Moodle.

For outside accessible content you can enable guest access on a course to allow anyone with the link to look but not touch.

Grading and Enrollments

Only Student Roles can receive grades in Moodle and can only see grades they’ve earned unless you hide the gradebook from them.

Grades entered into Moodle do NOT automatically feed into our other college systems, you must enter grades at the end of the term.

Moodle has a built-in attendance activity that allows you to take attendance in your course in both in-person/face-to-face courses as well as hybrid or online courses where students must access the course within a time window or be marked absent.


What shows in Moodle in terms of enrollments may not always be accurate, if there’s a discrepancy between your MyClackamas roster and your Moodle Participants page then you should err on the side of the MyClackamas roster being the most accurate listing. You can then Add students or remove students as needed on the Moodle end to match

NOTE: If someone is missing from your Moodle course you can manually enroll them to give them Moodle access (this is not an official enrollment and will NOT feed back to billing, grading, or any of the college’s other systems or records.) If you can’t find that person they may not have a Moodle account yet in which case have them login to Moodle directly or contact with the course(s) they’re missing from, their student email, ID number, and first and last names.

If students report they are unable to see or access you course or content make sure you mind how Moodle handles visibility, especially in making sure you have made your course available to students.

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