Set Group Mode for Individual Activities or Resources

If you set Force group mode to No on the Course settings page (step 1), you will be able to set the Group mode for individual Activities or Resources separately. If you set Force group mode to Yes and do not want to set Group access to Activities or Resources individually, then you can skip this step.

Go to the main page of your course and Turn editing on.

Click on the Update icon next to the Activity or Resource you wish to change.

Scroll down and open the Common module settings section

Set a Group mode of either:

  • Separate groups would only allow group members to see the posts or work of other people in their own group in a forum or most other activities.
  • Visible groups would allow groups to see all posts, even those in other groups but not post to those other group’s interactions in a forum.

Select the relevant Grouping in the Grouping drop-down menu.

ASSIGNMENT ACTIVITIES ONLY: If you are setting up an assignment activity there is an additional step to get your students to submit one attempt and grade per group.

Expand the Group submission settings section.

Change the status for Students submit in groups from No to Yes. More options will appear.

Use the Grouping for student groups drop-down to select the name of the Grouping you’d like to use.

Click on Save and return to course.

You should now be able to, at a glance see the assigned Grouping and the applied Group mode to the activity.