Removing a Moodle Enrollment

Sometimes the automated process to drop a student from a course fails or you need to remove a user you had previously manually enrolled in your course. Any manually enrolled participant can be un-enrolled.

NEW AS OF 2023/SP: Automatically enrolled individuals will need to be officially dropped from the section by Registration and Records for their enrollment to be dropped from a Moodle course.

NOTE: Changes to Moodle enrollments will NOT update records outside of Moodle. Students will still need to officially drop a course through Enrollment Services.

Expand the Nav Drawer in your course

Under the course name, click the Participants link

Locate the individual you want to unenroll on the Participants list, then look further right to locate the associated Status column

Click the Unenroll button (appears as a trash can icon)

NOTE: If you don’t see a Status column… you may need to close the Nav Drawer on the left, scroll to the right, and/or make your Browser window wider to increase the desktop workspace/view. Contact if you’re still unable to see the Unenroll button in the Status column.

Once you click on the Unenroll button, you’ll be asked to confirm your choice.

Repeat as needed.

NOTE: If you accidentally unenroll someone, you can simply re-enroll them manually in most cases.