Removing a Manual Moodle Enrollment

Automatically enrolled individuals will need to be officially dropped from the section by Registration and Records for their enrollment to be dropped from a Moodle course. However, if you have manually enrolled a participant in your course, you may need to manually unenroll them.

Scroll to the top of your course page (if you are not already there).

From the Secondary navigation click the Participants item.

Locate the individual you want to unenroll on the Participants list, then look further right to locate the associated Status column

Click the Unenroll button (appears as a trash can icon)

NOTE: If you do not see a trash can icon, the participant has not been manually enrolled. In that case, please contact Registration and Records.

Once you click on the Unenroll button, you’ll be asked to confirm your choice.

Repeat as needed.

NOTE: If you accidentally unenroll someone, you can simply re-enroll them manually in most cases.