Anatomy Of A Course

Moodle courses are a webpage like any other: they’ll have a Header, a Body, and the Nav Drawer.

The Body is where your course materials will reside.


The Header section contains important links for navigation and will always be found at the very top of the page in Moodle.

The red bar menu links: This bar is at the very top of every page in our Moodle instance. It has some key information that can be found in the Clackamas, Student, and Faculty menus for FAQs and instructions. This is the place to go if you’re looking for reminders or resources!

User Menu: Displays the current login status of whoever is logged in. The arrow next to this item indicates that this is a menu and it has such links as to your Profile, Dashboard and, to switch roles in Moodle and to Logout to log out of Moodle.

Course Name: The full name of the course.

Directory Path: Sometimes called Bread Crumbs, this is a navigation tool that shows where you currently are in relation to your home page. You can click on any step in the Bread Crumbs to back track.

Actions menu (gear icon): Make changes to and manage whatever page in Moodle you’re in- your course as a whole, or just a single Activity or resource. Turn editing on will be a common choice as it turns editing capabilities on or off. With editing on, existing material can be edited. An Activity or Resource can also be added. For more details read Editing Capabilities.


Your course material will reside in the Body of your course page.

At the very top you’ll find the Course Summary/General Section: This section, above Week 1, is where course-wide material can be posted.You can Add An Activity Or Resource here, such as a course description, introduction, syllabus or anything else related to the overall course. Material here will be visible to your students immediately.

A collapsed Topic as seen on Single-Section-Per-Page layoutViewing the topics contents from single-section-per-page.

Week or Topic Section: Each week is given its own section in the body of the course. If the course is set up using the Topics Format, then the sections would be organized by topic. Add content, assignments and quizzes here. It is up to you to decide how this material will be presented. See Add An Activity Or Resource for more information. The example below shows a sample Resource and Activity (Quiz) added to Week 1 of a course.

The News Forum/Announcements is added to every course in the Course Summary Section. Use it to post announcements to your students- this is a broadcast only tool. Your students will not be able to post responses. You are free to delete the News Forum/Announcements or add your own forum here. For more information, see Forums.

Nav(igation) Drawer

Can be opened and closed using the three horizontal line icon in the top-left corner of the page. Use this to quickly navigate inside or outside of the current course. For example, by opening the Participants item you can see and manage the participants in your course, student and/or instructor both!

Next up, learn more on editing your course content with Editing Capabilities.

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