The Activities Block

The Activities block in Moodle is a very handy little block for teachers to let them see a quick overview of waiting submissions based on Activity type in Moodle. Want to see what Assignment activities are waiting to be graded without opening up every instance in your course via a dozen tabs or windows? The Activities block can help!

The Activities block lists the types of activities available in your course via a quick link, clearly labeled in the block.

Clicking into a said activity will then show only those activities, separated by each topic they’re found in. The actual contents of each page will shift with the type of activity.

For example:

  • Quizzes will display attempts
  • Assignments will display number of submissions, the activity’s due-date, and how many submissions await your grading.
  • Forums will display total number of posts, how many you have yet to mark as read, if you’ve opted to track said forum, and even your forum subscription value for that particular activity.
  • Resources will display the non-graded items in your course like URLs, Book, and Page resources.

Add Activities Block to your course

Enter your course from the top-right corner of the page, toggle Edit mode into the On position if you haven’t already.

Turn Editing On button is found in the top-right corner of a Moodle page you have permission to modify content for.

Locate the Add a Block item

Select Activities from the list (options are listed alphabetically)