Introduction To Grades

This article is a basic introduction to Moodle grading. By the end, you should have a general understanding of how to build grading into a course. There are two steps in creating and managing course grades. First, set the score (grade) to be generated for each Activity. Second, go to the Gradebook for the course to manage those grades and view reports.

NOTE: You can also add grades for activities outside of Moodle to the Gradebook manually. Grades do not have to be associated with activities. Find out more about this in the article on Single View Gradebook entry.

Set The Score For An Activity

The grade to be generated by an individual Activity is set through the edit screen of that activity. Any time a new activity is added, you will be taken to that activity’s edit screen. You can also jump to the edit screen of existing activities. To get there from your course main page, turn editing on and click on the Edit settings option in the edit menu next to the activity (see Editing Capabilities).

There is variation in grade settings for different activities. Read the article for an activity (click a link below) to learn the specifics for that activity. The following is a short list of grade-able activities.

Quiz Forum Assignment Lesson
Attendance Questionnaire Glossary Database

NOTE: All articles for this Knowledge Base have not been written, the link you need may not be available yet.
If that is the case, contact us for assistance with setting up your grades for any of these activities.

Go To The Gradebook

To manage grades for a course, click on the Gradebook setup link in the Actions menu (gear icon). You will be taken to Gradebook setup where you can see how your gradebook is put together and access other common grade-related items: