Gradebook: Apply Natural Aggregation (Points) to your Course

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This will ensure that any grade items and categories will total in points rather than “Out of 100” , which is probably not what your points add up to.

Locate the Actions menu (gear icon), click the Gradebook Setup link

Locate the title of your course. (In my Example it’s “Points Based Gradebook Example”)

Click the Edit menu (to the right, in-line with the title.)

Select Edit Settings

Leave Category name blank. This will retain the name of the course when you go back to the setup tab. Entering anything else there will override the name of your course in the gradebook (it won’t have an effect elsewhere.)

Click the Drop-down menu for Aggregation and select Natural.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save changes button.

If your gradebook is empty, the total is now be zero (0.00).

If your gradebook is NOT empty, it should now total the number of points of each grade item (not already in a category) and each category in your course. Grade Items in a category may not contribute to the course total depending on how the category is set up.

Now you might want to populate your gradebook with categories that reflect the worth of points that its items contain. You might also populate the course or those categories with Moodle Activities or Manual Grade Items for work outside of Moodle.