Gradebook: Total Grade Display

Change the Default for All Grade Totals

The Current default display in the gradebook is Real (Percentage) and may appear overwhelming.

You can change this in the course settings for each of your noted courses with the following instructions:

  1. Enter the course you wish to modify gradebook defaults in
  2. Select the Grades option on the Secondary Navigation
  3. Select the Course grade settings option on the Tertiary Navigation. 
  4. Under the Grade Item settings section, change Grade Display Type to…
    • Real: total points an item is worth
    • Percentage: percentage of points earned
    • Letter: Calculated letter grade based on points earned
      Learn more about Letter Grades in Moodle
    • A combination of two of any of the above.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.
  6. Repeat for each course- this setting will only come over with the suggested process for copy over course content from a previous term

Change the way a Single Category total (or Course Total) displays

If you only want a specific category such as your overall course total to display in a certain way you can set individual grade items OR categories to display totals with non-default settings.

This is ideal for say, having only your course total display the letter grade, especially near the end of the term.

Enter the Setup page of the gradebook and locate the item you want to modify.

Click the associated Edit menu and select Edit Settings.

Expand the Category total section and click the Show more… link

Change the value of Grade display type to your desired display type for this one item which is any combo of up to two from:

NOTE: you can display more than one value, the default as of Spring Term 2016 is Real (percentage) which will display their point score followed by the earned percent in parenthesis like 259 (70%) in a Natural gradebook with a maximum point value of 370.

Scroll to the bottom of this page.

Click the Save changes button.

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