Gradebook: Drop the Lowest Grade(s)

This setting is used to ensure that the lowest graded assignments (you choose how many) are NOT factored into a category’s total worth within your gradebook.

It is strongly recommended this not be used on a points gradebook unless all items in a category are the same value.

Expand the Actions Menu (gear Icon) from the top-right corner of the page.

Select the Gradebook setup option.

Locate the name of the category you wish to drop and open its edit menu

Click Edit settings.

COMMON ERROR: Clicking the Edit menu at the bottom of the category (where the total is calculated) will NOT have the proper menu options. Scroll up and click the menu in line with the title of the category.

Uncheck the Exclude empty grades checkbox.

Under Grade Category click the Show more… link.

NOTE: Failure to uncheck the Exclude empty grades box may result in conflicts where the category totals aren’t calculated at all.

Change the value of Drop the Lowest to the number of assignments you don’t want to include in the category total.

The default is 0 (zero). You might change that value to 1 to drop a student’s single lowest assignment in this category.

Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Click the Save changes button