Troubleshooting Extra Credit

Extra Credit is Not Calculating

It’s best to have a single “layer” of extra credit as close to the gradebook total as possible. Either the grade item(s) need to be marked as extra credit OR a single category within the Course’s category be marked as extra credit (with all category content’s normal- NOT marked as extra credit.) Do NOT put extra credit items inside of a category marked as extra credit.

  • Remove the extra credit status from the grade items within the Extra Credit category
  • Move those extra credit items outside of the extra credit category.

I can’t Create an Extra Credit item

Correct. You can only modify an existing grade item/category to be extra credit so the grade item needs to be created first.

Edit settings for that grade item or category

Expand the Parent Category section

Check the Extra credit box.

Save your changes

Extra Credit is not Available under Edit Settings

Not all gradebook setups support extra credit. For the most consistent results you’ll want to modify the category you’re attempting to place extra credit in is setup.

Edit settings for the category in question.

Set the Aggregation method to either Natural or Simple Weighted Mean of Grades.

Save your changes.

Refer to the previous set of steps “I can’t create an Extra Credit item” and try to apply extra credit now.