Restrict Access: Open an Activity After a Set Time

For preventing date-based early access to any resource or activity (not needed for assignment activities as it has a built in feature for this.)

  1. Enter your desired course.
  2. Toggle Edit mode into the On position (if it’s not already)
  3. Locate the Activity or section/topic in your course that you want to ONLY be available after a certain time.
  4. Click the Edit menu and click the Edit Settings link.
  5. Scroll down to and expand the Restrict Access section.
    Click the Add restriction button.
  6. From the popup list select the Date option- it should be at or near the top.
  7. Ensure that Access restrictions are set to:
    • Student must match the following
      Ensure the eye icon is open and set to “Displayed greyed-out if user does not meet this condition – click to hide
      (that way students can see when they’ll be able to access it.)
    • Set the Date: from the first drop-down select From and set the time you want the item to become available- remember this is a 24 hour clock, not AM/PM.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
    Click the Save and return to course button.
  9. With restrict access applied you should see the activity greyed out and a note for students so they know when this activity will become available.