Create a new Kaltura Media Assignment activity

This feature will be adding with our transition to Moodle 3.8 in June, 2020.

To create a Kaltura Media Assignment activity in Moodle to accept Video or Multimedia submissions from students:

Enter your Course in Moodle.

Ensure Editing is enabled.

Scroll to the bottom of the section you’d like to add a Kaltura Media Assignment activity to and click the associated + assignments or activities link.

From the menu that appears select Kaltura Media Assignment and click the Add button

Give your activity a name.

NOTE: this will appear in the gradebook and on the main page of your course.

Provide a description to help guide your students and provide clear expectations. You might also use the Kaltura button in the Atto text editor to insert an example video of your own for added clarity.

If you’d like to enforce a due-date (that will post to student’s Moodle Dashboards with a reminder) you can do so by checking the Enable box for Due date and setting the time for their deadline.

Save your changes and confirm your activity.

If this one of many activities of this type in your course you might considering duplicating this activity and using it as a template for a consistent student experience.