Grading the Kaltura Media Assignment activity in Moodle

Once your students have started submitting videos to you you may begin grading and providing feedback to these submissions and if enabled, encourage re-submissions with improved work.

Enter the Kaltura Media Assignment activity you wish to grade

Click the Grade submissions button

A list of all students in the course will appear

TIP: if there are many students you may want to scroll to the bottom of the page under Optional settings and filter results to show only those that require grading and click the save preferences button to tidy things up

Click the Grade or Update link for the submission you’d like to grade

This page will display the student’s submitted video (Preview), give you a point drop-down (Grades), and a feedback text box (Feedback) for you to fill out

TIP: Click the Expand all link in the top-right to open all of these sections so you can click less and just scroll down and enter information

Hit the Save changes button at the bottom of the page to return to your (filtered) results and repeat this process for each video