Quick Embed a Video into Moodle

Quickly embed a video directly into Moodle content.

NOTE: Videos uploaded in this way will NOT appear in the Kaltura Media gallery and thus cannot have captions uploaded manually or be easily reused elsewhere. If this is a long-term video or one you plan to reuse make sure you upload your video to the Media Gallery.

Enter into the Moodle activity or resource you’d like to include a video, anywhere you see the Atto text editor will do.

Click the Kaltura icon "Rainbow Snowflake" Kaltura Icon Button.

A new window (or tab) will appear.

Click the Add new button in the top-right corner of the page.

A popup menu will appear.

Click the Media Upload option to upload an existing video file such as an MP4 or MOV.

Either drag and drop the desired file into the dashed box or click the Choose a file to upload button and select your desired video.

While the file is uploading you modify the Name and Description of the video.

Once the file is ready to go a green, in-page popup will appear letting you know the Upload Completed!

You can now click the Save and Embed button in the top-right corner of the page.

You can preview the uploaded video first but depending on the size you’ll instead get a message about the Media is being processed.

You can ignore this and click the Embed button in the bottom-left corner of the page.

While still editing your Moodle activity or resource you’ll see your Kaltura video as a link, this is working as expected.

Once the video has finished processing you’ll see the proper video preview and video controls at the bottom of it.

Once you save your changes or otherwise post your content it may still appear to to be Media is being processed this still bodes well and shows you where and how the video will appear inline with any other content you may have included.

You can move on to check back here later to make sure the video processed without issue.