Automatic Forwarding of Clackamas Emails to a Personal Email

To keep up with emails coming into your Clackamas email it can be helpful to forward messages to a personal account you check regularly.

Another method for easy access of your email is to install the Outlook Mobile App and sync it to your Clackamas account.

You will be able to reply to these forwarded emails, but it will be sent from your personal email. To reply from your Clackamas email you MUST sign into our Outlook email system and use that interface.

Log in to MyClackamas and access your email via Email link

NOTE: If you have more than one role with the college, Student email, Staff email, and Faculty email will all bring you to the same location so it doesn’t matter which one you select it from.

Once in the Outlook Email Web Client locate and click Settings (the gear icon) in the top-right corner to open the menu.

Click the View all Outlook settings link that will appear near the bottom of the menu.

Select the Mail section to the left-most column of the page.

The second column will change and you can now select the Forwarding item.

Select Enable Forwarding and enter your personal email that you would like email to be forward to.

OPTIONAL: You can select Keep a copy of forwarded messages if you would like to keep them in your student email as well as forward them to your personal email. This makes it easier to respond from your student email when needed.

Click the Save button above the form to save these changes.