Moodle Messages: Multiple Students at Once

A great way to start the term is to open a one-on-one communication channel with your students through Moodle’s Messaging tools.

Refer to the Communications Comparison Chart to determine which option will work best for your needs.

Begin the Conversation

Scroll to the top of your course page (if you are not already there).

From the Secondary Navigation click the Participants item.

Manually select the students you would like to contact.
Click the Select All check box at the top of the student listing.

NOTE: Each selected student will receive a copy of the message you send; any responses will be private between you and the recipient. If you would like to have multiple students collaborate, you will need to use and configure Moodle groups and enable Group Messaging for that group(ing).

Use the With selected users… drop-down menu to select Send a message.

A popup menu will confirm how many people have been selected and allow you to draft a plain-text message to those recipients.

NOTE: We suggest mentioning your course in this message, as there is no other indication that the message is clearly from your course, only that is is sent in your name on behalf of Moodle.

Click the Send message to [number] people button when you’re ready.

Subsequently, you can follow up with each each individual via the Moodle Messages interface: the chat bubble icon in the top-right corner of the page.

Following Up & What it Looks Like on the Other End

The recipient of a Moodle message will receive an email notification if offline or a message notification if online.

There will be a number indicating unread messages attached to the Moodle Messages interface (chat bubble icon).

Click on the chat bubble icon to open the Messages interface and view the most recent chat interaction at the top of each category.

Click on the name/message to see more and reply.

Below the messages will be a text box where you can Write a message… in reply.

Click the Send arrow icon to submit your reply when ready