Completion Tracking (Checkboxes & Progress Bar)

You can now enable a feature that allows students to check off work as they complete it in Moodle. This may appeal as a way for students to visually track progress from the main page of a course as well as give them the satisfying feeling of literally checking off a task.

You can also use this tool in tandem with Restrict Access to enforce an order of operations.

A Course Completion Status block is also available for established courses to help keep students aware of their progress in class.

Working with Completion Tracking in Moodle

Completion tracking must first be enabled on a course level.

Once it’s turned on for the course it can be enabled for each individual activity and/or resource or in Update Completion tracking for items in bulk.

Each option allows for one of the following:

Teachers Will See:

All three Completion Tracking options together as a teacher with editing turned on for comparison.

Students Will See:

Completion Tracking as seen by a student (who has manually checked the first item and met the conditions of the second. The third does not have completion tracking enabled)

Completion tracking cannot be used to automatically enter grades, it can be used to detect when an activity has received a grade.

If you want student to automatically receive a grade regardless of what they’ve submitted to you, consider a Questionnaire Activity.


You could also create a Manual grade item in the gradebook that you manually grade regularly based on the Activity Completion report:

  1. Enter the course in Question
  2. Expand the Actions menu (gear icon)
  3. Select the More option from the bottom of the menu
  4. Under the Reports section click the Activity Completion link
  5. You will see a table of all enrolled students and all completion-tracked activities and view or override the completion status for each.
Resources to Share with Students

Students may not quite know what the check boxes are for or recognize what the dashed check boxes mean and why they can’t just click those to mark work as completed. You may want to share Completion Tracking Questions (Check-boxes next to work) with them as a URL or Label resource in your course.

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