Navigating Moodle: Default Layout

If your course does not use the default layout you can see other possible course layouts and find the one that does apply to your course here: Navigating Moodle: Course Layouts

The Default layout of courses is all content listed on a single page. This is ideal for courses that only have a little content and ease of use as it is difficulty to get lost or stuck on a given page.

Viewing Content

All content in the Default view can be seen from the main page. Each topic or week will have a clear heading at the top and its contents listed below.

I’ve highlighted Topic 1 and its contents in the image:

Assignments are generally listed in the order you are expected to accomplish them.

Navigating your Course

If you are on a particularly long course and can’t find a topic you are looking for you have some options:

Move to the top of the course:
You can quickly jump to the very top of the page by hitting the Home key on your keyboard (generally located above the Arrow keys on a standard keyboard, laptops may vary)

Return to the Main page of the course with bread crumbs:
If you are on an activity page (Quiz, Assignment, grades or any page within your course) you can use the bread crumbs of the course to go back to the main view. Bread crumbs can usually be found on both the top and bottom of each page.

Just look for the section name (term/year DEPT-101-01 or some real examples would be like 2014/WI WR-101-01, 2016/FA MTH-065-30) of your course and click that, if you click the wrong link you can always use the Back button on your browser to try again!

Use the Section Links Block:
Not all courses have one of these blocks! Should you not find one, use one of the other methods listed below.

You can quickly jump to a topic in a course by clicking on the numbered link in a Section Links block (usually found to the left or right of course content near the top of the course page)


  • You can jump to the current topic by clicking the bolder number or the Jump to current topic
  • If a topic/date is not available to you yet it will not appear listed so some numbers may seem out of order!
  • You can dock this block so it follows you down the page in a narrow column along the left edge of the page and allows you to quickly jump between topics without having to return to the top of the page.

Search the course page for a phrase:

  1. Hit the Ctrl + f keys on your keyboard, in that order.
  2. A Search prompt and you can type in keywords that you think may only appear in a given page like “Topic 1” or “Week 1” depending on what theme your instructor appears to be using.
      The search prompt will look like this and appear in the top-right of your page and highlight matching phrases:
      The search prompt will appear in the bottom-left of the page and will highlight matching phrases:
  3. If the first doesn’t work:
    Erase the contents and try something else
    Use the up and down arrows next to the search prompt to check out the next mention if there is more than 1 match.