Navigating Moodle: Single Section per Page

If your course does not use Single Section per Page layout you can see other possible course layouts and find the one that does apply to your course here: Navigating Moodle: Course Layouts

Single Section per Page is a layout option new for Winter 2016. It’s built to limit having to scroll through content to get to where you need. Each Topic or week will have a summary of contents and when viewed all general items (like a news forum or syllabus) will appear above weekly/topical content.

Viewing Content

Click the Topic Title of the Week or topic you wish to see more of.

Navigating Your Course

If you get stuck on this page you can get back to the Topic List in two different ways:

  • Use the Jump to.. drop down to select Topic List (or the Folder topic you wish to view)
  • Click on the Topic list link in the bottom-right corner of the page.

Return to the Main page of the course with bread crumbs

If you are on an activity page (Quiz, Assignment, grades or any page within your course) you can use the bread crumbs of the course to go back to the main view. Bread crumbs can usually be found on both the top and bottom of each page.

Just look for the section name (term/year DEPT-101-01 or some real examples would be like 2014/WI WR-101-01, 2016/FA MTH-065-30) of your course and click that, if you click the wrong link you can always use the Back button on your browser to try again!

Use the Section Links Block

Not all courses have one of these blocks!

You can quickly jump to a topic in a course by clicking on the numbered link in a Section Links block (usually found to the left or right of course content near the top of the course page)

  • You can jump to the current topic by clicking the bolder number or the Jump to current topic
  • If a topic/date is not available to you yet it will not appear listed so some numbers may seem out of order!