Completion Tracking: Automatically Check Box on Set Conditions

Completion tracking must be enabled for this option to be available.

This is ideal for Forums, Assignments, Databases and other interactive activities, it can also be applied to read-only resources to ensure a student at LEAST opens a page or URL or Book. If you can’t find a good way to automate this, consider using the honor system and letting students check off their own progress.

Condition-required completion tracking. Note the dashed outline on the checkbox icon. This may indicate a certain grade is requeired before this will check off. It may only be checked for students after viewing the activity- that's up to the instructor to set.
Condition-required completion tracking. Note the dashed outline on the check-box icon.
  1. Enable editing by clicking the Turn Editing On from within the Actions menu (gear icon) found in the top-right of the page.
  2. Locate the item you want to track completion for
  3. Click the Edit menu and select Edit Settings
  4. Expand the Activity completion section
  5. Change of the value of Completion tracking to Show activity as complete when conditions are met.
  6. Check the box(es) below to choose those conditions

    NOTE: viewing an activity has no time set, they could literally open and close the activity and it would become marked.

  7. Click the Save and return to course button to see your handiwork.