Navigating Moodle: Course Layouts

This article is to help student navigate a variety of Moodle courses.

Your Moodle courses will look different depending on how your instructor chooses to set up the course. Course content, materials, activities and assignments can differ in they way they look and are organized.

Here are some things to look for to help you navigate and participate in your courses effectively:

How your course is organized

Your instructor can organize your course in multiple ways:


Everything in the course is listed on page
Learn More about Default Layout

Single Section per Page

Course content is listed on multiple pages by topic or date
Learn More about Single Section per Page Layout


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Easily Identified By:

  • Topic/Week titles are not links
  • All course content listed on one page.

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Easily Identified By:

  • Greyed out listing of Content (Pages, Forums, Assignments and so on) under each Topic
  • Topic Name (Topic 1, Topic 2) is a link without any icon