Create a New Moodle Course in your Staging Area

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You will need a staging area for this process. If you can’t find your staging area or do not have one please contact the OLET department by placing a ticket at Online Learning/Moodle Support, or by emailing us at

Log into Moodle and navigate to your Staging Area.

Click the grey More button.

Select the Add a new course option.

The following 3 settings are required:

  • Course full name – Displays at top of course
  • Course short name –  Please follow our course naming conventions to make it easier to search for your course.
  • Course category – This should be automatically set to your staging area.

We recommend you set the following settings:

  • Course visibility – Set to hide unless you intend students to access the course.
  • Course start date and end date – If creating a DEV course or INCOMPLETE you should set these to reflect the proper dates of the course. This will make it so the course imports and adjusts dates properly.

NOTE: Deselect Calculate the end date from the number of sections if you want to set a specific course end date.

Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Click the Save and display button.