Course Naming Conventions

In order to be able to search for your courses easily, we recommend that you adhere to the following naming conventions.

Course Short Name Conventions

Course Short Name should include (if applicable) the following elements (1-4) with spaces between each in this general order:

  1. the Year/Term (WI, SP, SU, or FA) in YYYY or YYYY/TT format.
  2. the course code in the format DPT-101-01 or DPT-101
  3. the course designation: 
    • DEV to signify the course is in development for future use.
    • INCOMPLETE to grant one or more students additional time to work outside the original course.
    • RESTORED YYYY/TT to identify archived courses.
    • SANDBOX FIRSTNAME LASTNAME to signify the course designed for exploration and experimentation.

Course Full Name Conventions

Course Full Name should include the Course Short Name along with any additional identifying information.


  • 2019 SANDBOX Jaye Doe
  • 2020/FA M-101-01 INCOMPLETE
  • 2014/FA M-101-01 RESTORED 2019/WI
  • 2019/FA M-101 DEV or 2019/FA M-101-01 DEV