Configure your Quickmail Block

How-To Configure your Quickmail block

There are a few default settings in your Quickmail configuration that you may wish to change to make the Quickmail block be more efficient.

If you haven’t already you need to Add the Quickmail Block to your course.

Click on the Configuration link on the Quickmail Block. 

Select Course short name from the Prepend Course name drop-down.

This setting change will add the Course short name to the front of every subject line.

WARNING: Course ID number is a number assigned to the course by Moodle and will not have meaning to your students. I recommend Course short name because it will have meaning to your students, but isn’t too long.

Select Multiselect from the My Preferred Recipient Picker Style drop-down.

This setting change will change how you select the recipients in the Compose Course Message.

Click the Save preferences button.

Click the Back button to return to the course.