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Using the Contact Information Block

The Contact Information block is an essential element in the Course Structure Template.

Enter your course and turn Edit mode on.

Turn Editing On button is found in the top-right corner of a Moodle page you have permission to modify content for.

Click the tab on the right side of the course page to open the Block drawer.

Locate the Contact Information block.

Click the Actions menu (gear icon).

Select the Configure Contact Information block option from the drop-down menu.

Replace the sample contact information image:

  1. Double-click the sample image to open the Image properties box.
  2. Click the Browse repositories… button to open the File picker.
  3. Click the Choose File button, then double-click on a welcoming image of your choice.
  4. Click the Upload this file button.
  5. Click the Save image button.

Modify the sample Contact Information block text to reflect your information.

Scroll down and click the Save changes button.