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Moodlerooms 3.2 Update Summer 2017

Our update to Moodle 3.2 was implemented without issue on the morning of Thursday, July 6th.

This update is a small one with mostly minor tweaks, some sunset features, name changes, and a new course theme to choose from.


  • The Grades link is now found in the Navigation Block (it was previously next to Gradebook setup in the Administration Block.)
  • Switch Role to… has been moved from the Administration block to the bottom of your User Menu in the top-right corner of the page right below where you’d log out.

New: Workshop Activity

The Workshop activity module enables the collection, review, and peer assessment of students’ work.

For students, the first phase of a Workshop is very like an Assignment activity in that students submit a file or enter text (depending on the settings you as an instructor set up) and receive a grade for that submission.

After that, Workshops have multiple phases and can allow for peers to review one another—openly (but randomly) or in an anonymous fashion—and utilize a rubric to assess their peers. The peer assessment can also be graded.

Learn More About Moodle Workshop Activities:

New/Disabled: Theme Changes

A class using the new Boost Theme.

Express is gone but we still have a few choices in Boost (New!), Snap, More, and Clean!

While all current and available themes in Moodle are responsive (can be accessed from a small-screened mobile device) Snap and Boost are optimized for it. However, Snap and Boost minimize the use of blocks and have some very different ways to edit content when compared to More and Clean.

If you feel adventurous and are ready for something new, you are welcomed to try Boost and Snap. However, we suggest that most folks stick to More and Clean at this time to provide students with a consistent and clear course format from course to course where possible.

Updated: Advanced Forums are now called Moodlerooms Forums

What were once called Advanced Forums will still have the same functionality but will now be referred to as Moodlerooms Forums; this is a minor change that is mostly visible to instructors within Moodle. This is a proprietary Forum plugin developed by our Moodle Host provider, Moodlerooms based on Core Moodle Forums.

Updated: Assignment User Overrides (Previously Granting Extensions)

In the past, proving additional time for submitted work in Assignments and Quizzes were implemented differently between the two features. This process has now been made more consistent.

See our updated articles on extending time in activities (such as for disability accommodations or other special situations):

Disabled: Joule Gradebook

The Joule Gradebook was a little used feature, since the default Moodle Gradebook duplicated all of those processes.

Learn more about the Moodle Gradebook Basics:

Disabled: Folder and Flexpage Course Layouts

Flexpage layout got little use in its time in Moodle and most will not notice its disappearance at the start of 2017 Summer term.

Folder layout has been removed as of the start of 2017 Summer term. However, you can use its alternative Single Page per Section when you Change the Format/Layout of your course, which can be applied to either Week or Topic based courses.

We also have some basic documentation for students to help them with Navigating Moodle: Course Layouts

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