End Of Term Procedure

The following is a checklist of procedures for your course at the end of a term. Click on any item in the list for more information and the steps to follow.


  1. If you have an Incomplete in your class, set up a separate course for them to finish their work without disturbing other students.
  2. Enter your grades into Self Service
    NOTE: Grades do not automatically move from Moodle to MyClackamas; you must do this manually. HR has created some documentation for this process: Grading Instructions (PDF) and Grading FAQ (PDF)
  3. Export your grades.
    Export your grades into an Excel spreadsheet and save the file for easy reference later in case of grade challenges and as a personal record of which courses and sections you taught and when.
  4. Archive your course.
    Always backup your course and save the archived file locally in case you have questions, a grade challenge, and/or a need previous content. You can then easily restore a past backup of your course to your staging area at any time or reach out to Online Learning as we maintain 1 year and 1 term of content within Moodle (1.25 years) and can restore archived courses beyond that time frame upon request.