Assignment Activity

The Assignment activity is essentially a file drop-box for students to send you files. Often these files are Word Documents or PDFs but you can request any file type from your students and optionally limit what types of files student can submit.

Working with Assignments in Moodle

Adding a New Activity

These instructions cover some of the more common and suggested settings with explanations of what each does for teachers new to using (or modifying) an assignment activity. See our article on Creating an Assignment Activity to have Students Submit Files.


Regardless of whether or not students have submitted files to an Assignment you’ll probably want to give them grades or feedback. You can Grade Assignments as they are Turned in or Download them in Bulk to allow for offline Grading. Troubleshooting: Can’t see all your student submissions?

Resources to Share with Students

If you need instructions to give your students to guide them in using the Assignment Activity you might direct students to our article on Turning in Homework with Moodle.

Disability Accommodations & Extensions 

A common request from the DRC is added time for students to submit an assignment. If you are asked to accommodate students in this way see our article on Extending Assignment Due-dates in Moodle.


Sometimes things go wrong: your students might report issues such as being Unable to Submit Work or See File Submission Area or you may have Students Turning in Drafts instead of Submissions or maybe you can’t see all of your student’s submissions listed.