Assignment Troubleshooting: Students Unable to See Submission Area and Cannot Submit Work

If a student reports they are unable to submit work to an assignment activity or even can’t see it check the following settings:

Enter the Assignment activity in question


Locate the Action Menu (gear icon) in the top-right of the page.

Select the Edit Settings option.


Expand the Availability section.

  • If Allow submissions from is enabled, ensure that this date has already passed
  • if Due date is enabled then students will be able to submit AFTER that time but will be labeled as late and by how much in the grading interface.
    It will also populate a reminder to their Moodle Dashboard.
  • If Cut-off date is enabled, ensure that this date has NOT already passed.
    COMMON ISSUE: Ensure the year is accurate.
  • If Grade by is enabled you, the instructor will received a reminder in your Moodle Dashboard).

You can also choose to un-check the enable option for either of the above items to test things.


Expand the Common module settings section.

Ensure Visible is set to Show.
NOTE: Visible set to Hide will prevent this item from showing in the gradebook.

  • If you are not using groups:
    • Ensure Group mode is set to No groups.
  • If you ARE using groups: 
    • Ensure Group mode is set to Separate Groups
    • Ensure Grouping has a value OTHER than than None.

Expand the Restrict Access section.

We do not advise use of Date type Access restrictions for Assignment activities.
Please instead use the above Availability section to set limits.

To remove a Access restriction for a Date click the x icon to the right of the restriction.


Click the Save and display button to save these changes.


Have your students try again.

If the issue persists, contact ISPD ( for faculty support of Moodle.