Attendance Activity

Setting up the attendance activity can be a bit of work but once done using it to take attendance can save a lot of time. It’s not perfect for all situations and needs to be setup at the start of every term but it can still be a major time-saver.

Working with Attendance in Moodle

Adding a New Activity

Using the attendance activity in Moodle requires that you not only set up the attendance activity but you also populate it with sessions for which you want to track.


Attendance activities are graded by marking attendance for each session, you can configure your attendance settings too if you don’t like the default of PLEA:

  • Present: 2 points (full credit for session)
  • Late: 1 point (half credit for session)
  • Excused: 1 point (half credit for session)
  • Absent: 0 points (no credit for session)


Not seeing any way to take attendance? Make sure you have created your needed sessions for the term! If you’re seeing Hidden sessions, don’t panic- those occurred before your term started and will not be counted.