Quiz: Changing The Weight Of A Question

What does this mean?
The weight of a question within a quiz is the ratio of its worth compared to other questions in a quiz. If one question has a weight of 2 and all questions have a weight of 1 then that 2 point question is worth twice as much as its peers.

The tall narrow highlight in the image to the right is the individual value (worth) for each question. This is, by default, one (1) point but it can be set as a different value when cratering quizzes.  As an instructor you can alter the weight of individual questions from their default for a single quiz. For example, you might want an essay question to be worth five (5) points and a true/false question to be worth one (1) point on a final exam.

To change the weight or grade for each question (marks) within a quiz, you must: 

Enter the Quiz you wish to modify

Locate the Actions menu (Gear icon) from the top-right corner of the page.

Select the Edit Quiz option.

Locate the question to wish to change the weight of.

Click on the Edit Maximum Mark icon icon_editmaximummark to the far right of the question. 


Edit the value in the box that appears

Hit the Enter/Return key to save your changes


Repeat as desired for each question in this quiz.