Use the New Podium

Written Instructions

To help guide through using the new podiums on campus.

Turn on the Computer

Power on the PC: Most of the podiums have a tower that you’ll need to power on. The tower is on its side, usually, and you have to push the on button.

When the monitor turns on, you’ll see a blue screen.

Click on Other User.


Enter your usual CCC username and password.

Mine, as show in the example image is kateg

Possible next steps…

Sometimes you might have to try logging in a couple of times if the connection is taking right away.

When Internet Explorer opens up, it will open to the myClackamas page. You do not have to log into myClackamas because you should have access already to all your drives because of logging in already.

Firefox should also be available (better for Moodle).



Connect to your Drives

Click the folder in the lower left corner.


After opening the folder, you should see all your drives.


Power on EIKI projector

To power on the projector use this remote (there may be several present.)



The projector will mirror the desktop.

To display your content from the desktop, you can:

  • Call it up from one of the drives you’re connected to
  • Bring a thumb drive and plug it into one of the two USB outlets in back of the monitor.


Using the Touch Screens 

The new monitors are touch screens

There’s even a touch keyboard


connect to an Android phone

Hit the source button once

It will show you how to setup different types of gear:

  • Android
  • Kindle Fire
  • Ultrabook
  • Windows 7 Intel WiDi
  • Windows 8 Intel WiDi

On the phone go into Settings: search for “Screen Mirroring”

Turn ON

It will show Connected: CC127-PTC3000 (if you’re in CC127.) The classroom will show up.)

To end session: Turn OFF Screen Mirroring

connect to an Apple iPad or iPhone

On the iPad/iPhone, go into Settings: WiFi

Connect to ccc_staff Network

Scroll up from bottom, that screen that slides up with the camera and calculator, etc.: Hit AirPLay

It will give you a list of devices to choose from and in this case we would

Select = CC127-Podium (or whatever room you’re in)

use the document viewer

Power on the Lumens document viewer (the ladybug) by holding down the power button for more than a second.

The light will flash and will get solid when fully on (it takes awhile).

On the desktop monitor, click on the ladybug software. (Unlike the old podiums, you do NOT need to change the source for the overhead projector.)

You’ll see the document appear after awhile in the box inside the ladybug software and mirrored on the projected image.

The viewer displays anything under the viewer, run by the Ladibug program.

powering up the ladybug

shut everything down

Use Start menu to shut down PC

Hold power button on document viewer to shutdown

Press power button twice on projector remote to turn off.


Need help?

For more instructions about the ladybug document viewer please view the manual for the Lumens Document Viewer (DOCX file).

Or you can receive help via phone:

  • Instructional Support and Professional Development (formerly known as DL) at x6310
  • ITS at x3500

PDF Instructions

Link to PDF File (Hosted on Google Drive, no account required for access.)

PowerPoint Instructions

Link to PowerPoint File Download Link (Hosted on Google Drive, no account required for access.)