Kaltura Multimedia (Video Hosting)

At this time Moodle is not designed to host big media files like videos. They bloat course archive files sizes making restores slow and difficult and can force students to download a video and play it on their own computer. By using Kaltura in Moodle students can play and upload videos in their browser without leaving the Moodle course.

Kaltura has no file-size upload limitations and videos uploaded to Kaltura should stay there indefinitely (unlike Zoom Cloud videos).

Working with Kaltura in Moodle

Adding a Video to Moodle with Kaltura

You can publish a video into the Media gallery for easy access in all of your Moodle courses.

Grading Video Submissions

To collect and grade student submitted videos use the Kaltura Multimedia Assignment activity.

Resources to Share with Students

Students can upload and use videos in the Media gallery or quickly upload a video response for interactions like forum posts.

Disability Accommodations & Extensions 

If you are bringing a video downloaded from another location (such as Zoom Cloud) or otherwise already have a caption file you can add it to your own video in the Media Gallery.

Otherwise, you can have request we have it captioned within a few business days by using our Closed-Captioning Request form.

If you’d like to learn more about Kaltura, visit Kaltura Learning to access tutorial videos covering a wide variety of topics. Considering watching the Introduction to Kaltura Learning video to see how best to navigate this comprehensive video portal.