Kaltura Multimedia: Adding Closed-Captions (CC)

These instructions require that a video be uploaded to the Kaltura Media Gallery within a course and is part of our series of Kaltura instructions.

NOTE: These instructions are ideal for videos taken from Zoom Cloud and already have a Transcript/Captioning file associated with them though you will need to convert those caption/transcript files from vtt to srt files.

If you don’t already have a transcript for your video you can submit a form to request a video be captioned.

Enter the course that contains the video in question.

Expand the Nav Drawer if it’s not already open on the left and click the Media Gallery item.

Click on the video in need of captions.

Scroll down to the space directly below the video.

Locate and open the ACTIONS menu.

Select the Edit item.

Additional tabs will appear.

Click into the Captions tab.

Click the Upload captions file button.

Use the Browse… button to locate your captioning file.
NOTE: transcript files downloaded from Zoom will end with .vtt whch is not currently supported. You can quickly convert your .vtt file into a compatible .srt file at subtitletools.com and upload that.

Set the Language.

Set the Accuracy, If you are are relying on machine/automatic transcriptions your accuracy is probably between 50-80%.

Set the Label to something meaningful like “Captions from Zoom”, “Acronyms spelled out”, or simply “English” (or whatever language the captions are in).

Click the Save button when you’re done.

OPTIONAL: If you’d like these captions to be selected by default when someone plays the video click the Set as default check mark icon.

And that’s it, your video now has a CC button in the player.