Start Of Term Procedure

Before you open your Moodle course to students, you’ll want to transfer and review your course content and rosters.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Online Learning & Educational Technology (OLET) department at

Start Of Term Checklist

  1. Look over recent Moodle updates for changes to tools you use.
  2. Ensure you’ve got your course content ready!
  3. Review your course content
    1. Update your Syllabus and Course Calendar.
    2. Look for for broken links and out-of-date files.
      See our list of academic multimedia resources if you’re looking to replace or enhance content within your course.
    3. Verify that your grade book is behaving as you want/need.
    4. If not everything is ready you can hide course elements from student view until you are ready to release them.
    5. Confirm your course start and end date for automatic Course Visibility.
    6. Verify student enrollment to ensure that your Moodle and Self Service rosters match.
  4. Contact your students to welcome them to class and help them get started in your course.
    1. Consider including or directing students to essential documents (i.e.: syllabus, course calendar) and this short survey: Are you ready for online learning? to students.


Additional Resources You Might Share with Students

We suggest you email your students and/or add these resources to your course(s):

Familiarize Students with Moodle

  • Are You Ready for Online Learning?
  • Moodle 101 Self-Guided Student Orientation
    NOTE: We recommend this short orientation for those new to Moodle to become familiar with the basics from a student perspective. If you require your students to provide verification for a grade, we suggest you ask them to forward their completion email to you or you can check their Moodle User account for a badge.

Common Student Issues