Start of Term: Copy Course Content

If you have Teacher, Manager, or Course Content Viewer roles within Moodle, you are able to copy content from another course into your own. If you do not have access to the other course, you can request the assigned instructor enroll you with the Course Content Viewer Role.

Don’t want to whole course? You can Import Partial Material From One Course To Another.

Log in to Moodle from your Staff/Faculty account.

Enter your new, empty course.


If you accidentally brought over the incorrect content (or brought over the correct content more than once) you can clear your course shell of content to give yourself a fresh start.

REMINDER: before you begin the import process make sure to check BOTH courses for correct Start Dates. Ideally, both should be set to the MONDAY of the week that the course began/begins. Failure to do this will result in incorrect due-dates.

Locate and expand the Actions menu (gear icon) in the top-right corner of the course page.

Click the Import menu item.

Select the radio button to the left of the course you want to pull content from.

Click the Continue button when ready.


NOTE: If you do not see the desired course, you can limit your results to a term by entering the four-digit year slash two-letter term code (e.g. 2019/FA, 2018/SP, 2020/SU, 2017/WI) and clicking the Search button.

If you are still unable to find a course, it may be have been archived and can be restored upon request via our Moodle Course Cleanup Form.

Leave this page as-is.

Single-click the Jump to final step button.


NOTE: Double-clicking on this button may result in duplicated content and will require contacting to wipe the course for you.

It make take a moment, but eventually a progress bar as shown below will appear.

Wait for it to finish.


NOTE: Depending on how much content you have hosted in Moodle, it may take a substantial amount of time. Talk to to explore other hosting options for large multimedia files, like video and audio.

Once the progress bar finishes, the page will reload. 

Click the Continue button to appreciate your handiwork.

Post-Import Reminders:

Import isn’t perfect and has been known to not bring over the following settings from one course to another. If you don’t use them no problem but if you do, don’t forget to double-check and update the following:

  • Course settings:
    • Course Layout: If you use Show one section per page, you’ll need to re-select that course layout.
    • Course image, you’ll need to upload the image again or find a new one.
  • Enrollments and groups:
  • News/Announcements forums and/or blocks may be duplicated and can be deleted or re-added as needed..
  • Gradebook Settings you may want to double-check:
  • Considered User Data (question prompts and glossary entries):
    • Re-post your initial Q and A forum question(s)/discussion(s) manually.
    • If you plan to pre-populate Glossary entries don’t forget to import and export your entries from within the Activity.