Verify The Settings For Your Course

There are a few settings you will want to take care to verify before making your class visible.

Navigate to the course you wish to verify.

Start by clicking on Edit settings in Action Menu.

On the Edit course settings page, check the following settings.

Under the General sub-category, confirm the Course full name and Course short name.

Also make sure the Course start date and Course end date is correct as these will control with a course on the Moodle Dashboard ( goes from In-Progress, Future, or Past status..

Under the Appearance sub-category, make sure Force theme is set to the theme you want to use in the course- At this time we STRONGLY suggest you set your course theme to Boost. As of 2019/SU all courses use the Boost theme.

Make sure that Show gradebook to students is set to Yes or No depending on your use of the Moodle Gradebook

 Click on Save changes when you have finished verifying your settings.

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