Creating Groups Within Your Course

This is an advanced topic. You should be somewhat familiar with the Moodle interface and setting up courses before you try the following.

An instructor can organize users into Groups across an entire course and within particular activities of a course.

At its simplest, creating groups allows you to organize students into groupings for more efficient administration. For example, if a group of students are working together on a project, you can view just that group when you are ready to grade them.

Here are the steps to take to set up Groups.

Working with Groups in Moodle

Creating New Groups

Groups must be enabled in a course, created, and populated either manually, by random group assignment or student choice) and those groups then applied to the desired activities and/or resources.

In cases where you want more than one group operating within a single activity like an Assignment or Forum you’ll also need to create Groupings.

Grading Group Work

Group Forums do not share a single grade between all group members.

If you set up an Assignment to use groups, each group will submit a single file and receive a single grade.