Gradebook: Settings

Review Your Course Grade Settings

The Course Grade Settings tab is used to determine how grades appear for all participants in a course (students and instructors).

The Course Grade Settings tab provides settings that determine how the Grader report, Overview report and User report will appear. An instructor can decide how grades are displayed for both themselves and for students. The Overview report and User report are how students will see their grades displayed. Only an instructor will see the Grader report.

Locate the Action Menu Gear Icon.

Click the Gradebook setup link.

Click into the Course grade settings sub-tab near the top of the page.

The General settings section determines whether the category and course total columns are displayed first or last in the User report.

Grade item settings is used to set how grades are displayed in the Grader report and User report: Real, Letter, or Percentage.

Overview report: This section determines how materials in the Overview report are displayed.

The User report section determines display details for student grades in the User report. An instructor can decide whether to Hide or Show details such as class rank, item percentages and item feedback, or whether to show grades at all.

A student will only see their own User report.

Remember to click on Save changes once you have finished changing your settings.

Preferences: Grader Report

Instructors can set their personal preferences for the Grader report or for the Joule Gradebook via the My preferences tab. Settings under My preferences will apply to ALL courses for that instructor. You are setting the overall preferences for how you want to display grade data in all of your courses via the Grader report and the Joule Gradebook. This tab will not affect grade calculations or determine specific grading

There are three sections available for choosing settings under each of these: Show/hide toggles, Special rows, and General. At any time, you can click on the question mark, for more information on a selection.

Locate the Actions menu (gear icon) and select the Gradebook setup link.

Click into the Preferences: grader report sub-tab.

Show/hide toggles – Toggles are icons that appear in your grader report. If turned on, they add certain tools that can be used from the grader. Here you can also decide whether to show user profile images or display an extra column showing the average (mean) for each category and grade item.

Special rows – If you decide to display the average (mean) for each category and grade item (above), this section lets you determine how the mean is calculated.

General – Allows you to turn on/off Quick grading, whether to show feedback in the grader report and how many students to display on each page.

Click on Save changes once you have finished changing your settings.

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