Gradebook: Make an Item Extra Credit

Extra Credit is not an option for an Item in a gradebook category set to use Weighted mean of grades.
(It does work for Natural and Simple weighted mean of grades which are our suggested aggregations.)

How do you identify extra credit?gradebook_extracredit_id

You can identify an extra credit item from the Setup view of the gradebook by looking for number values followed by a dashed underlined + symbol. On hovering over this plus symbol a tool-tip will appear confirming it to be extra credit.

Make Something Extra Credit

NOTE: Extra credit can be applied to individual grade items OR a gradebook category. DO NOT put extra credit grade items inside of a gradebook category that is also marked as extra credit. (This will prevent extra credit from being applied at all.)

Expand the Actions Menu (gear Icon) from the top-right corner of the page.

Select the Gradebook setup option.

Locate the grade item you wish to make extra credit and open its edit menu.

Click Edit settings.


Expand the Parent Category section.

Check the box next to Extra Credit.
NOTE: if you don’t see this option see the troubleshooting instructions below.


Click the Save changes button.


Repeat as desired for each item you want to be extra credit.


Extra Credit is Not Calculating

It’s best to have a single “layer” of extra credit as close to the gradebook total as possible.

Either the grade item(s) need to be marked as extra credit OR a single category within the Course’s category be marked as extra credit (with all category content’s normal- NOT marked as extra credit.) Do NOT put extra credit items inside of a category marked as extra credit.

  • Remove the extra credit status from the grade items within the Extra Credit category
  • Move those extra credit items outside of the extra credit category.

Extra Credit is not Available under Edit Settings

Not all gradebook setups support extra credit. For the most consistent results you’ll want to modify the category you’re attempting to place extra credit in is setup.

  1. Edit settings for the category in question.
  2. Set the Aggregation method to either Natural or Simple Weighted Mean of Grades.
  3. Save your changes.
  4. Try to apply extra credit with the above instructions again.

I can’t Create an Extra Credit item

Correct. Moodle can’t always guarantee that extra credit will work where you want to place it. To deal with this you can only modify an existing grade item/category or create a new one and then…

  1. Edit settings for that grade item or category
  2. Expand the Parent Category section
  3. Check the Extra credit box
  4. Save your changes