Files: Quickly Add Resource Files

This is ideal for the following sorts of files:

  • Word Documents
  • PowerPoint Files
  • Compressed Zip Files
  • Images
  • Any type of file you just want to make available for your students to download
  • Please do NOT upload videos directly to Moodle!
    They are huge and uploading more than one or two of those may draw the ire of the Moodle Admin. We suggest hosting that sort of content on YouTube where possible.

Enter the course you wish to add content to.

Locate and click the Turn Editing On button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.


Resize your Web Browser window running Moodle so it doesn’t take up your entire screen.

Open up the folder on your computer that contains the file(s) you want to add to your course.
NOTE: You can NOT drag things from one web browser to another web browser. The Files MUST be located in a folder, drive, or on your desktop.


Locate the file you want to add to Moodle in the File manager.

Click the file and hold your finger down on the mouse (do NOT let go!).

With your finger still on the mouse button, drag the file into Moodle until a Dashed Box appears containing the words Add file(s) here

Let go of the mouse button.


You will see a loading bar. Do not leave the page while this is displayed.


Once it’s done the finished file will look something like this, and you can leave the page or drag and drop more files into your course.