Contact students in MyClackamas

On the occasion that Moodle is down or you otherwise wish to contact all or select students from a course you are teaching you can contact them through myClackamas.

Once logged in ensure you have selected the “Faculty” role from the dark green bar at the top of the page if you have more than one here at CCC (see picture below).

Once, you are on the faculty role, head over to the cougar tracks tab and click on “Faculty Information” to display its sub-items. 

From the items available, select “Class Roster” to view classes you have access to.

Once the page has loaded, select the course that contains the student that you need to email.

I’ve selected the one course I’m teaching this term.


On the new page a list of students will be listed, above this listing are a few links- the one you want is E-mail these Students.


From there you can either select students individually or choose to contact all of them.

I’ve highlighted the E-Mail all Students Listed option.

Once done, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.


On this final page you can review the students to be contacted, add a few more manual additions if you would like and of course compose the email to be sent.

LOGOUT RISK: If you have not logged in on what is acknowledged as a private computer your login session will be short- after a few minutes you may be logged out and your message lost. Because of this it’s never a bad idea to draft your message locally in a text editor and paste it into the text area here to prevent loss of data.

Compose your email and give it a subject. 


NOTE: The email interface does NOT support rich text- links must be spelled out and no special formatting can be included. 

Optional: Below that interface you can choose your display name and a secondary email if you have one and would prefer to use it. 

When you are ready to send your email just click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.


And that’s it- your students will receive the message at their email accounts- it’s up to them to check those emails.